Professor Kwaku Akyeampong, HealthCrisisPPM™

Professor Kwaku Akyeampong, MS, MS, MS, PhD Cand., CRRRO™, CEO-C™, CIO-C™, CDO-C™, CEVO®, ChPRO™, ChPCO™, CRQO™, EVMP®, CPCP™, HealthCrisisPPM™


Professor Kwaku Akyeampong is CEO at EVMi Earned Value Management Institute and Chief Economist at Health Crisis Project Management

Health Crisis Project Management Certifications Held:

HealthCrisisPPM™ Health Crisis & Pandemic Project Manager™

CRRRO™ Chief Risk, Resilience & Recovery Officer™

C-Suite Institute™ Certifications Held:

CEO-C™ Chief Executive Officer – Certified™

CDO-C™ Chief Digital Officer – Certified™

CDTO-C™ Chief Digital Transformation Officer – Certified™

ChPRO™ Chief Program Officer™

ExecPM Executive Project Manager™

EVMi® Earned Value Management Institute® Certifications Held:

CEVO® Chief Earned Value Officer®

ChPCO™ Chief Project Control Officer™

CRQO™ Chief Risk & Quality Officer™

RQMP® Risk & Quality Management Professional®

EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional®

EVMP – Aerospace & Defense™ Earned Value Management Professional – Aerospace & Defense™

EVMD™ Earned Value Management Director™

EVMO™ Earned Value Management Officer™

CPCP™ Certified Project Control Professional™


Professor Kwaku Akyeampong is a PhD Candidate and holder of 3 Master of Science (MS) Degrees:

  • MS, Economics, Kiev State University, Ukraine, Soviet Union (Graduated, 1991)
  • MS, Information Systems Technology, George Washington University, Washington D.C, USA (Graduated, 2003)
  • MS, Project Management, George Washington University, Washington D.C, USA (Graduated, 2006)


Health Crisis Project Management and EVMi’s Professor Kwaku Akyeampong teaches Advanced Project Management, People Management, Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS), Project Control, Information Technology, Cloud Technologies/Systems and Cyber Security at EVMI Earned Value Management Institute and Health Crisis Project Management

Additionally, EVMi’s Professor Kwaku Akyeampong has worked as Senior Advisory Information Technology Specialist (cybersecurity) and Chief Data Architect (websites) at IBM for 5 years; Senior Manager and Corporate Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) Lead at BearingPoint; Senior Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Consulting, and Adjunct Computer Science Professor at the School of Engineering at Howard University, Washington, D.C.

Professor Kwaku Akyeampong is multilingual (fluent in English and Russian; semi-fluent in German and speaks conversational: French, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and German).

Professor Kwaku Akyeampong is cross-culturally diverse and sensitive; is multicultural; and holds Master of Science (MSc) Degree in Economics (Kiev State University, Soviet Union, 1991), Master of Science (MSc) Degree in Information Systems Technology George Washington University, USA, 2003); Master of Science (MSc) Degree in Project Management (George Washington University, USA, 2007) and PhD (Candidate; ongoing).

Additionally, Professor Kwaku Akyeampong coaches Youth Soccer and Futsal; and is licenced by USSF, NSCAA and United Soccer Coaches organizations. Professor Kwaku Akyeampong is a lifetime practitioner and aficionado of Soccer and Taekwondo

Professor Kwaku Akyeampong is featured in Washington Post, May 2003 during MSc (Master of Science) Graduation ceremonies at the George Washington University, USA